Summary of the 2019 annual meeting

General summary of the 2019 annual meeting of the ICG-EAC, N.P.O.

The 2019 meeting of the ICG-EAC was held from May 12 to 17 in the Silks Place Hotel, in Tainan City, Taiwan. 125 technical delegates from 15 countries, representing 51 member organizations, attended the meeting. A total of 73 technical presentations are included in the 2019 meeting minutes (46 oral, 12 special session, 10 summary/poster, 4 tutorial presentations, as well as 1 contribution for the minutes only) plus a informative plenary lecture. Also this year the meeting was preceded by an excellent tutorial on “Radiolysis and reactor water chemistry" on the Sunday.

The technical sessions started with a summary/poster presentation session followed by six papers dealing with IASCC-related issues like Atom Probe Tomography investigations or EAC of irradiated ex-plant materials. On Monday afternoon seven very interesting general type of papers were presented, mostly dealing with testing methodologies. The Tuesday session started with three talks on Ni-base alloys before switching to the second summary/poster presentation session. After the coffee break, the two weldments sessions contained four excellent contributions on Alloy 182, 82 and stainless steel welds. Tuesday ended with the low-alloy steel session dealing with chloride effects (three talks) and with the effect of environment on the fracture behavior. On Wednesday morning, a special session on the effect of stress and strain on EAC was held, concluding with a panel discussion. The session dealing with non-welded Ni-base alloys continued on Thursday morning with three Alloy 690 presentations, four talks on Alloy 600 and some with more mechanistic topics. After lunch, a second special session presented thoughts from end-users, including a long panel discussion and a challenge for the ICG-EAC members from an end-user. The stainless steel session was split into three parts lasting from Thursday afternoon until Friday morning. It contained ten very interesting presentations on environmentally-assisted fatigue, SCC initiation, microstructural investigations and other topics.

Finally the great job of the local host (headed by Tsung-Kuang "T-K" Yeh, National Tsing Hua University), as well as the financial support of the sponsors is gratefully acknowledged for making such a great meeting possible.

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